All you need to know about property insurance and why its important

Losses and risk are inevitable in human societies as one does not know what happens next. In order to guard against and reducing the effect of total loss came about insurance. Insurance is a pool of fund from people with common interest to protect themselves from adverse effect/loss. It has got to do with the exchange of uncertainty of loss with certainty.

Insurance is about cushioning the effect of loss. Its functions include risk transfer, contribution, confidence, stability, better resource allocation, risk management and shift of burden.

Hurray! Ajibawo community now enjoys 24hrs uninterrupted power supply

Ajibawo is ahead of other communities in ogun state in terms of development and infrastructure.With access to good road (owode-idi-iroko road) and now a new transformer to ensure steady power supply.Ajibawo in Ogun state is the best destination for land buyers

unusual businesses a land can be used for

caults and gardents,a private cemetary in lagos
Last week i received a phone call from a land buyer who had interest in purchasing 10 acres of land for a business project. We then agreed on a time for him to come over and inspect the land we have available for sale.
There are numerous business potentials one has when you own a land. You can build a school,town hall,recreation park,church,event center and so much..
My client and i met at the agreed time at Ajibawo to inspect the site only for him to tell me that he intended using it for a cemetery.He could see the shocked and disappointed look on my face.I politely declined his offer