Cost of living in Lagos vs Ogun State

cost of living in ogun state
A friend of mine living in Lagos recently had his rent for his 2 bedroom apartment increased from 170,000 Naira to 200,000 Naira which he declined paying.
Instead he chose to search for cheaper accommodation in Ogun State.It is very common to see lagosians moving to Ogun State for cheaper accommodation. Many of them give reasons such as having the desire to build their own houses in Ogun State thereby cutting down their accommodation expenses..

Red Brick Ware house on 1 acre of land located at Arigbajo,Ifo,Ogun State for sale for 15 million naira

warehouse with 1 acre of land for sale at arigbajo,Ifo
This solidly built Red Brick Ware house structure is 120ft by 60ft by 18ft high at the highest point and 12ft at the office structure level. It is an uncompleted multipurpose structure.
The original intention is industrial and owner will be interested in anyone pursuing a medium scale industrial project. It can also be used for Home Church.
The Roof has to be redone due to weathering. There is enough room

3 bedroom flat for rent at ota,ogun state for just 150,000 Naira

3 bedroom flat for rent in ota,ogun state
2 blocks of 3 bedroom flat for rent at Ota,Ogun State for just 200,000 Naira per annum with 2 toilets,water,tiled floor and partially fenced with gate

This property is located at very developed part of Ota and is very close to the expressway.There is electricity in the neighborhood and good schools

Presently there are no tenants as it is a new house and the landlord is abroad

• 3 toilets.
• Water.
• Partly fenced.

land and property management services in Ogun State now available at care link ventures

land and property management in Ogun State

A property manager is one who assists in acquiring, oversee and manage a land/property for residential or commercial purposes (such as houses,warehouses,schools,shopping complex,vacation resorts event canters farm land, recreation parks and much more), where the owner is unable to attend to such transactions. He ensures that regular maintenance is carried out on a property such as leaking roof, cracked walls and broken down facilities such as toilets, doors,water taps which may need repair or replacement..
The property manager assists the landlord in collection of rent and ensures that the property is not underutilized.

A plot of dry land for sale at GRA Odemo Adigbe,Abeokuta

We have available for sale a plot of dry land situated in an urban area in Ogun State,GRA Odemo Adigbe,Abeokuta .This land is for sale by the owner and has a survey.The land is a standard 120 by 60 feet dry land and the asking price is 2 million Naira.

 This land is situated in densely populated urban area which can be used for residential or commercial purposes such as school,hotel,recreation centre,office complex,event centre.

How to keep your land safe from land grabbers (Omonile) when you are not ready to build

land for sale in ogun state
Most times what makes prospective land buyers in Ogun State hesitant in buying is due to the uncertainty of the safety of their land as there are numerous stories of fraudsters duping unsuspecting victims by selling land previously sold to other persons.
Today I will be discussing ways you can keep your land safe even if you are not ready to build yet

Hurray! Dangote cement price crash cement bag selling for 1000 Naira

Dangote cement price crash
LAGOS—LEADING cement manufacturer, Dangote Cement Plc, weekend, announced drastic reduction of the prices of its cement.

The new price regime announced by the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, GMD/CEO, of Dangote Cement, Mr. Devakumar Edwin, pegged the Dangote 32.5 cement grade at N1,000 per 50 kg bag, while the higher 42.5 grade would sell for N1,150 per bag.

A statement by the company at the end of a management meeting said, however, that the new prices were exclusive of the Value Added Tax, VAT, representing about 40 per cent discount on the prevailing market price of the product currently sold for N1,700 irrespective of the grade, across the country.

Cost of making blocks vs buying blocks, which is better?

block making factory in ogun state
Clients buying land from me in Ogun state usually ask me if making is better than buying blocks.There are advantages and disadvantages in both options but first we will make a rough estimate of what it costs to mould 1000 units of blocks and then make our comparison

Requirements for block making include the following
1)  Sharp Sand (Double tipper)
2)  15 Bags of cement
3)  Water
4)  Labour