How to keep your land safe from land grabbers (Omonile) when you are not ready to build

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Most times what makes prospective land buyers in Ogun State hesitant in buying is due to the uncertainty of the safety of their land as there are numerous stories of fraudsters duping unsuspecting victims by selling land previously sold to other persons.
Today I will be discussing ways you can keep your land safe even if you are not ready to build yet

1) By setting up beacons on your land by using corner piece.. Corner piece is a beacon setup at the four corners of a land which is usually done by laying of blocks in a 90 degree L shape position usually three of four coaches high most times cemented with your name and survey number in scripted on it.

2) Another way of protecting your land against trespassers is by using it for cultivation. You don’t need to farm yourself, you can always get someone willing to cultivate on your land for business thereby scaring off intruders.

3) Football is a popular sport in Nigeria and with rapid urban development leaves fewer locations for recreational activities’ will be a good idea to donate your land for  recreational use thereby keeping your land safe.

4) By visiting your land every week for inspection or getting someone living within the neighborhood to help you inspect it on your behalf regularly

5) Even though you are not ready to build, with enough finances. you can do a borehole and install a water tank and start making money immediately from selling water

6) The best way of keeping intruders out is by building a fence and putting a security man there

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