Cost of living in Lagos vs Ogun State

cost of living in ogun state
A friend of mine living in Lagos recently had his rent for his 2 bedroom apartment increased from 170,000 Naira to 200,000 Naira which he declined paying.
Instead he chose to search for cheaper accommodation in Ogun State.It is very common to see lagosians moving to Ogun State for cheaper accommodation. Many of them give reasons such as having the desire to build their own houses in Ogun State thereby cutting down their accommodation expenses..

There are many factors to compare whenever a family decides to move such as

Cost of Rent
Basic amenities

Cost of Rent  : Cheap rent is the major reason why most people prefer living in Ogun State.A standard 3 bedroom in Ogun State goes for 120,000 Naira compared to 300,000 Naira in Ikotun,Lagos State.In other parts of Lagos it can go as high and over a million Naira.

A landlord in Lagos usually increases his rent every 2 years and if you are planning to rent an accommodation in Lagos then be prepared to pay a long list of fees such as agent fee, agreement fee, caution fee amongst others/

Transportation: You will enjoy Ogun State better if you have your own means of transportation. At Abeokuta the capital, the only means of transportation available are small rickety cabs. The lagos transport sector is more organized that’s to the BRT transport. The Ogun State government is yet a implement a successful mass transit scheme to force down transport fares.

If you are commuting between Ogun State and Lagos then be prepared to spend at least 1000 Naira daily on transport fares

Food: I once went to visit a friend in Ojuore area of Ogun State and we decided to have lunch at a canteen..I ordered for 100 Naira rice and was shocked to find out that they still sell 20 Naira meat in many parts of Ogun State.

A bag of rice in Ogun State is 6,500 Naira compared to 8,000 Naira in Lagos.Gnerally cost of food items in Ogun state is cheaper compared to Lagos

Basic Amenities: Most developing communities in Ogun State selling their land have access to healthcare facilities, schools most often private and which is not cheap.A friend who wanted to move to Ogun State decided to make enquiries at a school for his children which had all the basic facilities of an ultra modern school. Guess what? The tuition including books, school uniform was 150,000 Naira per session.

There is regular power supply of electricity in most communities in Ogun State however one big problem most of these communities are having is access to good roads. Access roads to most of these communities are in a deplorable. I believe this problem can be resolved through public/private sector participation

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  1. Thank you for your informative guidelines on buying properties in Ogun state. I shall definitely look you up when I visit home later this year. Great work and much appreciated.