Borehole drilling services in ajibawo

borehole drilling services in ajibawo
After purchasing my land in Ajibawo,Ogun State. The first thing I did was to do a borehole with a stand for the water tank and pump. There are so many advantages you get when you do a borehole on your land even if you have not done your foundation which are

1)  It helps secure your land from fraudsters who might try to sell your land to unsuspecting victims
2)  You can make a some money from your land by selling of water to people doing construction work near your land and also for household use as it is not every landlord that have a borehole on his land.

Top 10 places to buy land in Ogun state

best places to buy land in ogun state
Today I will be discussing the top 10 developing places where you can buy a plot at an affordable amount for commercial or residential purposes which you can sell later at a 1000% profit in the future.
It is no longer news that land in Ogun state is fast appreciating in value with more people buying their own land and becoming landlords. However when buying a land there are so many thing one will have to put into consideration such as access to good roads,electricity,nearness to public facilities such as healthcare, telecommunications (some areas in Ogun state still do not have gsm network).
I am making this list in no order of preference and information on this page should not be considered as 100% accurate because development is constant in these places. This is not an exhaustive list of land available for sale as there are practically hundreds of towns in Ogun state selling very affordable land.

The dilemma of selecting a good school for children when moving to Ajibawo,Ogun State

list of schools near ajibawo,atan areaOne question people moving into Ogun State to reside always ask is "Are there good primary and secondary schools for my children" As with every enviroment that is fast developing there are so many schools to select from for all classes of people. A good school i will recommend is Welkin

Independent search,verification and registered surveys done by clients who have bought our Land

Many clients who have become landlords through us and who have also independently carried out their investigation on the authenticity of our Land from the Ogun State government can testify that our land is trouble free and many more have done their registered survey and obtained their C of O

Affordable land for sale available in Ajibawo,Ogun State,video included

It is with delight that we were a able to take a video footage of our excursion to Ajibawo.We have plots of land available for sale in Ajibawo along Sango-Ota-Idi-Iroko road just 10 minutes drive from Atan at a pocket friendly price.For more details call +2347067866986.The land is a dry land measuring 120 by 60 ft.This land is being sold by the owner meaning you will have no problem with omonile.See video footage below