Borehole drilling services in ajibawo

borehole drilling services in ajibawo
After purchasing my land in Ajibawo,Ogun State. The first thing I did was to do a borehole with a stand for the water tank and pump. There are so many advantages you get when you do a borehole on your land even if you have not done your foundation which are

1)  It helps secure your land from fraudsters who might try to sell your land to unsuspecting victims
2)  You can make a some money from your land by selling of water to people doing construction work near your land and also for household use as it is not every landlord that have a borehole on his land.

From my experience there are 2 types of borehole drilling. The first one is done manually which requires about four to five people manually inserting the pipes (which is cheaper) while the second type is done with borehole drilling machine, Both achieve the same result, the only disadvantage with manual borehole drilling is that if they hit a rock during the process you will need to still hire a borehole drilling machine which will double your expenses.
As at the time of writing this article. Borehole drilling in Ajibawo costs 140,000 Naira.If you want to do a borehole on your land in Ogun State contact me I will be glad to connect you to seasoned professionals in the borehole business

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