Cost of making blocks vs buying blocks, which is better?

block making factory in ogun state
Clients buying land from me in Ogun state usually ask me if making is better than buying blocks.There are advantages and disadvantages in both options but first we will make a rough estimate of what it costs to mould 1000 units of blocks and then make our comparison

Requirements for block making include the following
1)  Sharp Sand (Double tipper)
2)  15 Bags of cement
3)  Water
4)  Labour

If you have already done a borehole on your land then you don’t have to buy water if not you will have hire big drums which you use to buy water..Now that we know the materials needed. We will need to estimate how much quantity of blocks it will produce
1 bag of cement produces 50 blocks so let us do the calculation,15 bags will produce 15 x 50 = 750 pieces  of 6 inches blocks. So with a double tipper of sand and 15 bags of cement you will get 750 blocks.
So let us now do our calculations to know how much it costs to produce 750 blocks
1)  Sharp sand ( Double tipper) = 22,000 Naira
2)  15 Bags of cement (1900 each   1900 x 15 =28,500 )
3)  Water 1,000 Naira
4)  Labour ( 700 Naira per bag  700 x 15 = 10,500 )
Total:  62,000 Naira

Now that we know how much it costs to make these blocks let us now compare it if we had chose to buy the blocks
1 Block = 150 Naira (Current market price )
750 Blocks = (750 x 150 = 112,500 Naira)

Cost of making 750 blocks =  62,000 Naira
Cost of buying 750 blocks = 112,500 Naira
Difference (112500 – 62000 = 50,500 (Savings)

Before you leap for joy on your savings there are so many things you have to put into consideration when you wan to start making your own blocks which

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1)  You have to provide sufficient time to monitor your workers to ensure that they mix the right amount of cement with sand to ensure your blocks are of good quality
2)  Your site must be secured in order to avoid theft of your blocks most especially if there are other construction sites near your own
3)  You may be required to pay omonile some fees before you start block production on your land

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