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land and property management in Ogun State

A property manager is one who assists in acquiring, oversee and manage a land/property for residential or commercial purposes (such as houses,warehouses,schools,shopping complex,vacation resorts event canters farm land, recreation parks and much more), where the owner is unable to attend to such transactions. He ensures that regular maintenance is carried out on a property such as leaking roof, cracked walls and broken down facilities such as toilets, doors,water taps which may need repair or replacement..
The property manager assists the landlord in collection of rent and ensures that the property is not underutilized.
Power to manage the property can be given through a letter of consent which will usually stipulate what commission the property manager earns or through a power of attorney.
A property manage is also expected to conduct regular survey on the current rate of renting a property in their locality.
He should have a fair knowledge of the current price of building materials in the market in case of repairs and ensure that the property is properly maintained..
It is the duty of the property manages to ensure that clients renting out the property are screened and the intended use of the property brought to his knowledge.
A lot of Nigerians home and abroad which to invest in real estate by buying land in Ogun State and building properties to earn income but have the problem of getting a reputable property management consultant to assist in managing these properties on their behalf.
At Carelink Ventures,you can leave the hassles of managing your properties to use and have rest of mind.We assist our clients in buying genuine land in Ogun state and also assist in building and management of such properties.To know more about our services call +2347067866986

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